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October Scavenger Hunt

1. Hyperlinking and Quoting

a) Learning to cite and source – Scavenger hunt


“It has come to be practically a sort of rule in literature, that a man, having once shown himself capable of original writing, is entitled thenceforth to steal from the writings of others at discretion.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

(WorldofQuotes.com, Oct. 12, 2012)


2. Using photos

a) “by-nc-sa“:

  1. by“: You have to comply with the authors wishes about how to use the photo, and give them credit for it.
  2. nc“: You must only use the photo for personal use, you cannot use it commercially and make money off it.
  3. sa“: You must use a similar license if you change the picture.

b) pixabay.com

Using Flickr Creative Commons and Compfight.com, you can search different licenses – Pixabay.com  appears to only contain Public Domain Images.  I find Flickr Creative Commons, Compfight.com and Pixabay.com more user-friendly than MorgueFile.  I like how flickr gives you options as to what license you want before searching.  Compfight.com and Pixabay.com are similar in that you search what you want before choosing a category.





4. Am I free to copy facts and ideas?

“Yes. You are free to report the facts and ideas embodied in another person’s article or web page. Copyright only protects the expression — the combination of words and structure that expresses the factual information — not the facts themselves.”

Source: Bloggers’ Legal Guide


You can copy other people’s ideas and facts that they have shared in an online document, but you cannot copy the way they express those ideas and facts – you cannot simply copy-paste something someone else has said.  You can only get facts and ideas – then you have to come up with your own way of relating the information.  The way people express things is copyrighted.