Category: Inquiry 2 – Constitutional Act of 1791

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Today I wasn’t able to get much done on my inquiry.  I worked on my conclusion, but was interrupted by the fire alarm going off.  It looks like I will need to spend a lot of time working on my inquiry at home if I plan to finish in time.  I am questioning the use of a website, as I don’t know if it is the best way to convey my ideas, and am not sure what exactly to include in my project and how to make good use of the options I have.  My conclusion is coming slowly right now and I’m not sure where I could get more opinions on the topic.  I am having a hard time finding good sources that provide enough information on what changes should be made to Quebec / English Canada today.  I have a couple ideas, but I’m also not sure what the best way of presenting my ideas would be.  Hopefully I can figure out these difficulties and have at least some kind of project ready for Friday

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Where I Am Now

Right now I have just started researching the needs of Quebec/English Canada today.  I am not finished researching all the amendments that were a result of the Constitutional Act of 1791, as I have switched my approach to my question.

Where I Plan to Be at 2:45 pm

At about 2:45 pm, I hope to have a substantial amount of information researched about the needs of Quebec/English Canada today.  I’m not sure exactly how much I will be able to gather in the time provided, but hopefully I will make some good headway, if not gather enough information to conclude that piece of my research.

Where I Am at 2:45 pm

During today’s inquiry time, I found some information on both the needs of Quebec/English Canada today and amendments that occurred after the Constitutional Act of 1791.  I have not completely finished either aspect of research fully; however, I have made progress in both and now have a better idea of where to find some information.  I have some work laid out for myself regarding acts and amendments, and now need to dig deeper and find resources that express people’s opinions on what changes need to be made.  Today I also worked on my website, putting the information I have gathered into it.

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Over the weekend, as I was researching about the Constitutional Act of 1791, and looking up the amendments that followed, I realized that there were tons and tons of amendments that came after it.  Since then, I have been thinking about how I may be able to approach my question differently.  My plan was to research about the act and all the amendments that came after it, then look at the needs of Quebec and Canada today, then come to a conclusion after gathering all that information.  However, today I started going at it from a different perspective: I am researching what the needs of Canada and Quebec are today, then I plan to go back and see what needs to be changed in previous acts to account for that.

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Today during Inquiry time I worked on my research about the Constitutional Act of 1791.  I have compiled a list of what the Act did and did not do, based on information I have collected.  I still need to figure out what amendments came after the Constitutional Act of 1791, so I can research those as well.  Hopefully I can accomplish this next time, though I’m finding it a bit hard to determine which amendments came after that were related.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Today I finished my planning sheet and started researching background information for my inquiry.  I looked up information about the Constitutional Act of 1791 and started highlighting and picking out key pieces that should help me come to a reasonable conclusion about what changes to the amendments would help the new needs of Quebec / English Canada.  Next Inquiry Session I plan to continue my research into the Constitutional Act, and hopefully I can determine what other amendments where connected to the Act.  I hope to make my deadline of Thursday for finishing this part of the research, but I may have to adjust my deadlines as I go.

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Today decided on an inquiry question!  It took a while, but here’s what I finally came up with:

How can the Constitutional Act of 1791 and subsequent amendments be revised so they better fit the needs of Quebec / English Canada today?

Most of the Inquiry time I had today I spent figuring out a question.  First I changed the subject I was inquiring about, then I had to pick another topic, then I proceeded to make countless revisions to my question.  I spent the remainder of my inquiry time doing my own planning and working on the planning sheet provided.  Next inquiry session I plan to finish the planning sheet, and hopefully get started on researching my question.