Category: Inquiry 5 – First Nations Herbology

Tuesday, April 9th 2013

We have started our new inquiry!  Our question is: Can we make a herbal medicine the First Nations used?

We started researching herbs that the First Nations people used last week and today we chose six herbs we want to try to get and grow to use.  We looked on craigslist and various other sites on the internet in order to find them, and were able to locate some we might be able to get.  Our plan is to get herbs that are already started (not seeds) so they will be ready in time to use.  Starting with a long list, we narrowed our choices down by eliminating those we that didn’t seem as easy to obtain.  The herbs we chose are horsetail, labrador, dandelion, pipsissewa, trillium, and echinacea.  My partner said she can bring in some horsetail and dandelion from her yard, and hopefully we will soon be on our way to starting a mini herb factory!  I’m looking forward to getting the plants and experimenting with their medicinal properties.