Feedback and Reflection

  October 1st, 2012


1. Feedback


     a.        What was the best suggestion or feedback that you got from classmates that commented in the forum? Who posted the comment?

I think that pretty much all the suggestions were equal.  Everyone had good suggestions, though none of them really stood out to me in particular.  Some people liked the same things that others didn’t like, and some liked or disliked the same things as each other.  A lot of people suggested more music/sound at the beginning of the presentation, which I think was a good suggestion because I thought the same thing, and, since a lot of people thought the same thing, that reveals that it is a prominent issue.  Those who suggested this included:  Cassidy, Nico, Shandra, Jay, Alannah, Calli, Meghan and Max.


     b.        Was the feedback useful? Why or why not?

Yes, I think that the feedback was useful, because it gives ways to improve the presentation for the future.  However, one thing that I did notice was that because people had to write one thing they learned, liked, and suggested, there may have been some inaccurate feedback.  I find it hard myself if I can’t fill one of the categories accurately, because it forces me to come up with something, even if I don’t believe it to be true.  I wonder how many of the comments were inaccurate because of this.


2.       Reflection


     a.      What is a key thing that you learned about inquiry learning? (the process of your inquiry)

I learned that not all information is equal as to how easy it is to find on the internet, and that sometimes if you try to add something to your presentation near the end of your time limit, it can actually hinder the presentation if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you want it to or if you don’t have enough time to finish it the way you had planned.


     b.      What do you need help with in order to improve?

In order to improve my presentation, I think I would simply need time to make a few tweaks and incorporate suggestions.

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