Friday, February 8th 2013

After discovering that a couple of our cultures didn’t look like they were doing to well this morning, we decided to put off the maze test until Tuesday.  2 of the cultures appear to have retracted their veins and formed small crusty balls near the edges of the petri dishes.  Perhaps the clean-up job we did yesterday was a bit too much for them, but in any case, we want to allow the cultures the weekend to grow and recuperate before putting them into the maze we created.

Today we started the process of reviving some of our sclerotia.  We selected a petri dish prepared with non-nutrient agar, sprinkled a few oat flakes on it, added a piece of dried filter paper containing sclerotia, and applied a drop of water to the filter paper.  We sealed and labelled the petri dish, then covered it in foil to keep it dark.

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